Quite simply, we help you sell better

Xtatio is the first mobile application that turns customer feedback into actionable insights in real-time. What works and what doesn’t is no longer guesswork.

Why we do what we do

Ask anyone and they will tell you they believe feedback has a meaningful impact on their personal and professional performance. Yet, it is not solicited regularly and we believe this is because of two main reasons – the availability to effective and real-time tools or the assumption that they have a full understanding of their customers.

Xtatio was created to fill this need. Our mobile app turns customer feedback into real-time insights with our proprietary sales algorithms, automating the process of identifying each customer’s unique needs and roadblocks through every sales stage.  This allows your sales representatives to react instantly, adapt sales strategies, develop professionally and increase sales conversions.

Our clients

Meet the driving forces behind Xtatio

Martin Peters

Martin brings over a decade of experience in commercial and organizational performance. Before co-founding and leading the team at Xtatio, Martin was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and Chief of Staff at World Health Organization.

Alla Idrisova
Alla Idrisova

Alla comes to Xtatio armed with over 10 years of experience in business intelligence and transformation. She is also a business mentor and learning coach at INSEAD. Previously, she was the European Business Architect of Canon and senior consultant for Genpact and Philips.

Xin Wang
Xin Wang

Xin brings a wealth of knowledge and close to 2 decades of experience in commercial software development and implementation in international companies, including Canon and Heineken.

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