Xtatio 2020 B2B Sales Industry Survey

Xtatio’s 2020 annual global sales survey was conducted in July 2020. Responses consist of 60 global sales professionals: 93% in

It is of utmost importance to educate commercial talents to know how to make use of the technology

Please tell us about yourself, touching on your professional experience.  Since the end of 2015, I am the Sales Director in the company, and I have a team

Get ready to be on top of the game again after the holiday!

August is like the Sunday of summer. Overindulge these holidays? Here Xtatio’s team shares 6 simple strategies to help you get back on track with your sales activities

Future of sales: Salespeople need to become micro-influencers

Jorge Araluce reveals his cards for winning more deals in this edition of the Future of Sales interview. This includes learning how to become a marketeer, building and

Summer is Coming: How to Maximize the Slowdown

Jobs may have their rhythm and routine, but all that changes during summer. As people embark on longer periods of vacation and parts of Europe shut down entirely,

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