It is of utmost importance to educate commercial talents to know how to make use of the technology

Please tell us about yourself, touching on your professional experience.  Since the end of 2015, I am the Sales Director in the company, and I have a team of 4 marketing & sales professionals operating under my supervision. MEDICAL-X specializes in medical simulators, making it possible for healthcare professionals to train clinical situations without harming

Future of sales: Salespeople need to become micro-influencers

Jorge Araluce reveals his cards for winning more deals in this edition of the Future of Sales interview. This includes learning how to become a marketeer, building and leveraging their personal brand to create trust and credibility. Please tell us about yourself, touching on your professional experience. I have worked in Sales and Marketing for

Summer is Coming: How to Maximize the Slowdown

Optimize your summer

Jobs may have their rhythm and routine, but all that changes during summer. As people embark on longer periods of vacation and parts of Europe shut down entirely, working the same as before wouldn’t make any sense. Instead, you should adjust to match the new business environment. This is nothing new per se, yet a

Future of Sales: your development, your responsibility

Xtatio Interviews Future of sales

Nathalia Parra, a power woman in an “all-boys” aviation field, shares her view on the changing responsibilities of sales professionals, including shouldering the responsibility to identify their strengths and areas for development. Xtatio: Please tell us about yourself, touching on your professional experience. I have an electrical engineering degree in Colombia, followed by a masters

5 skills you need to focus on by sales professionals

xtatio sales expert panel

There are many things that could affect your sales team’s closing rate, but skills (or competencies) would be one of the most crucial contributors. As a sales manager, the goal is not only to continuously improve on your sales professionals’ skills, but to anticipate new skills that will help them succeed in the ever-changing business

Mastering Feedback to Drive Development and Sales

Mastering feedback to drive development and skills

94% of sales representatives believe feedback has a meaningful impact on their sales performance. Research has validated their belief across multiple settings; for example, the Gallup organization examined 469 business units and identified greater profitability of 8.9% in those that had received feedback. Yet, despite the continued impact shown in research and real world settings, most sales representatives

Xtatio Reviews: The Sales Manifesto

The sales manifesto book review

Rating: 3.5/5. “Sales Manifesto” written by Sales King Jeffrey Gitomer, published earlier this year, marks one of the latest books to hit shelves in the sales category. It presents a crisp and concise overview of “directives and answers that lead to real world success” for the sales professional. It’s value lies in sharing a slew

Xtatio Reviews: The Challenger Sales

The challenger sales book review

Rating: 5/5. “The Challenger Sale”, written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of CEB, and published in 2011 remains in my opinion one of the most impactful sales books from this decade. It is engaging, fact-based, and well-written. The authors manage to disentangle different sales representatives as types and bring clarity and insight into not

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